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         Modelcraft S700 Front                 Modelcraft S700 Back                 Individual Shadow Box

This large two story house is easy to assemble by a novice. It is a great beginner model since it can be assembled in about one hour. Furnishings, Wallpaper, Paints & Flooring are sold separately. You paint and wall paper it to your liking and install the flooring of your choice.

In case you like to start with a smaller Project we have an assortment of individual Shadow Boxes available. These can also be used to replicate a specific room you remember of your Childhood or that you have seen somewhere. Your Imagination can take flight ...........

Key Benefits

bulletGreat starter home
bulletIncludes all Shingles, Windows & Door
bulletQuickly built


Description SKU # Price
Kit for Pictured House  S700 US $ 225.00



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