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             Phillips 66 Log Cabin              Rockton Inn Re-Opens                Pizza Ranch

Stan Mannino donates the Log Cabin on the Corner of Main Street and Reimer Drive to the Village of Roscoe. Thank you for not tearing it down.

This Whiner recalls when I was very little going in and owner Archie Reimer saying, "Can you help me out someone paid for this candy bar and didn't eat it." Needless to say I accommodated this request.

It Looks like this Whiner was always destined to Strike Oil. 

Way to go Stan!!!!!

The Rockton Inn is reopened with a freshly remodeled Tropical look. There Motto is International Fare with Hometown Flair.

I believe they have captured exactly that. Elegant but simple. The food is not the run of the mill but
More of a European Style.

Tammy was a Roscoe girl who has grown up into a mature savvy businesswoman.

102 East Main Street
Rockton  815-624-8877
Open at 4:00 P.M.
A Smoke Free Restaurant

Danny and Mary Moore own this new franchise.

You have a choice of ordering off the menu or the Buffet.

The Service was good and the atmosphere is that of the Old West.
Pizza Ranch has a great salad bar and has enough traditional varieties at a good price. They also have delivery and carryout.

4707 Bluestem Rd.
Roscoe 815-623-3800
Open 11:00 A.M.
Smoke Free Environment

Why South Beloit was Lost

After 30 years South Beloit sited that the reason that they were not having the Sand Festival is because of the lack of Volunteers.

I hope all Villages take note on the importance of honoring your volunteers instead of ignoring them.

One of the comments a Whiner made to me is we did not see South Beloit at RoRo promoting their town.  New people and there are plenty that moved into the Tri Community Area can not possibly know what is going on and if they don't know it exists it is hard to be involved.

Sun Knee Says

"Simply Say Thank you"